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Medical Devices

A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, appliance, software material or other article intended to be used for a medical purpose. Ensuring the safety, effectiveness, sterility and cleanliness of medical devices is demanded by users and patients as well as a requirement for Medical Device Directives (MDD).

Medical Devices are complex and diverse.  Testing Medical Devices brings with it practical and technical challenges.  Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to provide the right testing solution for your Medical Device. 


  • Driven to deliver a reliable and consistent quality service
  • Modern, purpose-built facility
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • Commitment to fast turnaround time for all samples
  • Flexibility in providing innovative solutions for your business
  • Unbeatable value-for-money to drive down client costs
  • LIMS including on-line tracking of samples and reporting


  • Sterility tests
  • Bacterial Endotoxins
  • Microbial Enumeration
  • Biocompatability
  • Safety testing
  • Method Development & Validation

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